On top of the mission tasked before the shoulders of our Firefighters in the Region, several laudable activities had transpired for two consecutive days conducted by a team of BFP personnel in Region-10, before year 2015 ended. It was a rainy Saturday, 19th of December 2015 where a team of BFP-10 Firefighters headed by SSUPT DOMINGO V TAMBALO, made themselves available, first hour of the day to conduct a Medical/Dental outreach mission extending “Free Dental Services” and “Free Circumcision” to hundreds of recipients from the municipality of Dampil, Lagonglong Misamis Oriental. The Chief Personnel Section of BFP-10 ADMIN Division, INSP Gladys S CUA,-herself a Dental Doctor, heads the conduct of the free dental services with the Emergency Medical Services team of BF-10.

While the dental and circumcision activities were on progress, SSUPT TAMBALO together with few Firefighters and his MASON Brothers, extended a giving hand of free reading eyeglasses to senior citizens with reading problems, and distributed goodies of assorted foods to these recipients.

In the afternoon, the team heed to the Fire Station of Jasaan Misamis Oriental (two municipalities from Dampil Lagonglong) to continue the conduct of this project tagged as “BFP-Bumbero Friednly sa Pasko”! This time, after the morning activity, followed a Station Feeding Program to less privileged children within the Station’s vicinity. The Station Fire Marshal is INSP Randy Obsioma who made facilitate the project to its success. The day ended with such noble activities.

In the morning of December 18, 2015, the day before the above activities have happened, SSUPT TAMBALO climbed up to a remote mountain area of Camansi, Mapawa, Cagayan de Oro City (about over ten kilometers from the City proper), brought with him his team of firefighters, and distributed packs from sacks of rice and assorted goodies to a community of about one hundred fifty (150) families. School Children who walDSC_0713DSC_0657IMG_0472IMG_0457IMG_0364IMG_0395DSC_0769DSC_0794DSC_0766DSC_0766DSC_0640ked kilometers day by day from their respective houses to attend classes at school, benefited assorted school supplies and foods from jolibee.

Backed up with BFP Mascot Berong Bumbero, the activities ended up joyfully as these residents were entertained with hours of magic show, by a paid local magician. All of these has materialized, by the intertwined efforts of the members of the Regional Association of Government Communicators in Region 10 (RAGCOM-10, an Association whose members are Government Information Officers in Region 10), headed by its president MS Merlyn Ybañez from PhilHealth.

What have we done may not be enough; the goodies maybe short, and the activities of sharing and the entertainment maybe short-lived, but at the very least, in one few moments of their period of life, there was happiness which maybe cherished by them for life. We do not say this is it to gain eternal life, but at the bottom line, this has made us happy, seeing them happy somehow.

What life has to offer after death? The thing that matters the most is the ACT of GIVING in our little ways which made people happy. For all we know,”there is no death if there is no life.” And the thing is, what have we done to make life worth dying? For God sake, everything has a purpose of its existence in this earth. Whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not, Everyone has its own designed purpose in life, this is why, each and every individual is a unique creation of God. “No two individual fingerprints are the same.” Each has its designed purpose thus this fingerprint separates one person from the other.

What transpired on that two days? We just do not know, but perhaps we were made for that purpose.