The Heroism of a Mother

The Heroism of a Mother

By: Anonymous

Stories to tell, experience to share,
Difficult times you’ll always remember,
Heroism, bravery or popularity?
Doesn’t matter if it’s family’s safety.

Dangerous Sendong announced,
Prepare for its rage to bounce,
Confidence it’ll just pass away,
But sad to say it fell with its fury.

Heavy rains, strong winds, flapping roofs,
Nervously afraid her system won’t worked,
Hubby away to a far country,
Nobody to save her kids but this lady.

Gushing, roaring water came,
Her kids shouting, nervously trembling,
Instinct high, adrenaline rising,
Praying to God to give her strength.

Water blocked the door,
Its power uncontrollable
Top of the roof the only refuge
She broke window glasses to get kids out.

Her mind and senses opened,
Through that darkest moment
Her strong faith in believing
God’s way of helping keep her going

Heroes may come, go, and remembered and might be forgotten
Not only in battle, sports, events or incidents
One great person worth emulating and be remembered
A MOTHER so fearless, defying death even to her last breath

Our wholehearted SALUTE to FO3 Julieta “JINGALS” Wapanio
The BUREAU is proud of you.